How We Argue Course Changelog

We’ll be using this page to keep track of changes we make to the course technology and content! If you have feedback on any of the changes or want to request a feature, please reach out via [email protected] or the course chat on the bottom right hand corner!

Auto-Practice Exercise Resets

Students will automatically get more practice questions attempts if they exhaust our database of questions through automatic resets of their prior attempts. The system will still store their prior attempts to ensure there is an accurate record of their work and only feed repeated questions after all questions have been exhausted.

Grade Export Feature

Instructors can export a spreadsheet with student mastery check completition information from their class dashboards now!

Simplified Login Scren

We’ve create a sign up flow that helps students and instructors sort themselves into the right sign up form to ensure simplicity for teachers and students!

New Mastery Check Feedback Screen

The feedback screen now uses colors to more accurately show students how many questions they got wrong and aid them in reviewing those questions!

Diagnostic Assessment

Instructors now have the option to enable a diagnostic for students to see before they access the course. The assessment allows students to skip the early lessons (1-3) if they pass the diagnostic, and start with Lesson 1 if not.