💭 Reflection & Course Conclusion

Congratulations! Once you have received feedback on part 4 of the Disagreement Project from the course facilitators through the chat, you have successfully completed this course. This is a huge accomplishment!

We hope that this course has given you skills and resources to help your students argue with empathy and with evidence, and be able to engage over controversial issues with precision and care.

To conclude this course, we ask you to reflect on your experience and write a 100-150 word reflection that considers what one skill or concept you will take away from this course, and what is one activity or resource from this course you can use immediately with your students. When you’re ready, please submit this final reflection in the course chat function.

As you begin to use argument mapping in your classroom, please remember that we at ThinkerAnalytix are here to support you. That said, please drop us a note in the course chat if you would like to set up a one-on-one meeting to talk about how to use How We Argue in your classroom. The course is free to use for one academic year following your completion of this SNHU course. As a non-profit, we also make financial aid available (down to a course cost of $0) for any teacher or institution unable to pay after the initial year. Our hope is that this tool becomes a mainstay in your classroom, and we are here to provide tailored support to you and your students as you integrate argument mapping into your teaching practice.

Until then, please take a moment to celebrate your success in finishing this course, and take good care!