Welcome to the new How We Argue

7. Discover Reasons

Often when we encounter arguments, we have to listen and read very carefully to truly understand what the author or speaker is saying. The skills of listening, reading, and articulating another person’s argument in your own words is called “interpretation.”

This lesson will focus on further developing the skills of interpretation with reason using a toolkit. It includes two tools: Systematic Empathy and Discover Deduction.

Here are your Target Skills for Lesson 7:

  • 7.0 Expanding your Toolkit
  • 7.1 Identify claims that require interpretation
  • 7.2 Systematically interpret claims with reasoning skills
  • 7.3 Arguments that Divide
  • 7.4 Discover Deduction
  • 7.5 An Argument that Divides

Let’s get going!