Building A Dynamic Culture Of

trust, innovation, and

fearless collaboration

Arguing across diverse viewpoints for solutions and understanding is a skill and an art that can be learned.

The Challenge

Intellectual debate should build community and pride on a university campus. Diverse worlds need intellectual disagreements. They’re how we learn, innovate, and grow.

But without cultural protocols, disagreements can become personal and corrode the academic freedom and trust institutions work so hard to foster.

Empower campus communities with tools for creative collaboration and decision making across differences

Systematic empathy is a step-by-step method to help participants slow down their thinking to better understand the logic and context of someone's view.

Argument mapping disagreements uncovers hidden assumptions, faulty logic, as well as points of connection.

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About Us

ThinkerAnalytix is an education non-profit organization spun out of the Harvard University Department of Philosophy. Why philosophy? For philosophers, disagreement is expected, even invited, to tackle seemingly impossible problems. History shows that the best learning happens through disagreement that is inquisitive, respectful, and fearless.

We leverage thousands of years of pedagogy from philosophy and custom education technology to offer a portfolio of courses and programs that teach productive disagreement as an essential part of learning and working communities.

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