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7.4 Discover Deduction

A. Introducing Discover Deduction

This brief video gives an overview of section 7.4. In this section, our goals are to:

  1. Fill in missing co-premise concepts using two rules: the Holding Hands and No Surprises Rules
  2. Select missing co-premises that make arguments deductively valid

B. Identify Missing Co-Premise Concepts

The first step in exposing a missing co-premise is to identify the concepts that must appear in the missing co-premise in order to connect the other premise to the main claim.

To recap:

  • The “Holding Hands” rule says that two co-premises must always share a common concept between them.
  • The “No Surprises” rule says that each concept in the main claim must appear in one of the co-premises. (No “surprise” concepts showing up in your main claim!)

C. Discover Deduction

Now let’s put the pieces together and fill in missing co-premises to generate valid arguments.