About Us

ThinkerAnalytix is an educational nonprofit with a mission to make reasoning skills accessible for all. Spun out of the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University, we bring together edTECH leaders and pedagogy experts to offer a portfolio of courses and programs that teach productive disagreement through reason.


Account Types & Standard Pricing

Instructor accounts are always free. By making an instructor account, you can view all of the content that registered students will see on the How We Argue site. Make a free instructor account on our login page.

Students taking How We Argue as part of a course with an instructor are asked to pay $25 for access upon registration. We offer discounts for large courses, and for institutions paying on students’ behalf. See below for more information on discounts.


What does my payment pay for?

Custom-built Technology

First and foremost, How We Argue is built with a custom technology that guides students through mastery learning – a research-backed method for building skills that requires intensive coaching as well as thousands (literally) of available practice exercises and assessments, and stores everything a student does on the site so they can easily track and reflect on progress. We use mastery learning because it has the most consistent backing by longitudinal educational research. The technology behind How We Argue is custom-built because no other learning management system was able to provide the tailored, individualized, mastery-based learning experience we think students need and deserve. All that said, building, maintaining, and improving the technology behind How We Argue is a cost-intensive endeavor, one that we can’t support through donations and grants alone.

Support & Tutoring

Your payment also goes to funding staff time on the How We Argue chat. Through the chat, we provide support for instructors and tutoring for students. Have a question? Chat us!


Discounted Pricing

Group & Purchase Method Price per Student
Individual learner $50/student
College/University students purchasing HWA directly as part of a course group $25/student for up to 1000 students/term
$20/student for groups at or above 1000 students/term
College/University department or center purchasing HWA on behalf of students (via invoice) $20/student for up to 1000 students/term
$15/student for groups at or above 1000 students/term
High Schools $25 for groups up to 250 students/year
$20 for groups up to 1000 students/year
$15 for groups over 1000 students/year


Why price high schools and colleges differently?

In our experience, high school users require more tutoring in the How We Argue chat function. In addition, high school learners need more support in the way of technological accommodations and features to guide their learning. 


Contact Information

For more information or to request one of the discounts highlighted above, email the ThinkerAnalytix team at [email protected].